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Premiere Project Recording Studio for Original Artists

Big Cat Trax is your premiere project recording studio for original artists. Nestled in the east mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Big Cat Trax focuses on producing tracks for top talented original music artists.

Top-of-the-Line Recording Studio Equipment

You can’t make a quality recording without top-of-the-line recording studio equipment. Our 1,600-square-foot recording studio includes an isolation booth and a large, comfortable control room. We use only the newest pro tools ultimate recording software.

Musicians love working in our comfortable and relaxing environment. When you choose to record with Big Cat Trax, you get access to:

    • Avid S6 digital console finely integrated with pro tools.

    • JBL M2 master recording monitors.

    • Microphone locker featuring the best mics from
      AKG, Neumann, Manley, Telefunken, and more.

    A well-tuned drum kit is available and recommended for use. We also supply amps, fine guitars, and a Roland RD2000 digital keyboard for artists on request. Need a grand piano? No problem. One can be brought in on request. 

      Experienced Professional Recording Team

      As a premiere recording studio, Big Cat Trax has a team of amazing and talented producers available to bring your musical vision to life.  

      Big Cat Trax employs many of the best local musicians in the Greater Albuquerque area and can make them available for projects. Big Cat Trax also has a great working relationship with many artists in the orchestral community. We can find the right player for the right instrument for whatever production you desire. 

      Studio Rates

      Our goal is to help original, local artists get on the map with the best recordings of their work. Reach out to Randy to discuss your production project needs and receive a personalized quote for service. 

      Hourly rate $125/hr
      Inquire for Project Rates

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